It's An Update: What’s Going On With Homegirl?

For starters, the first issue of Homegirl Magazine goes to print THIS MONTH! 

Transparency moment: To make this happen, we’ve had to dial our communication way back. We’ve had to reevaluate what support means and where our time & resources go. We’ve had to set kinder deadlines and firmer expectations. We’ve had to recommit to our why, which is to share meaningful media. 

American poet, performance artist, and activist best known as Founder of The Nap Ministry, Tricia Hersey, reminds us that rest, especially for Black people, is resistance. Homegirl Magazine aims to share meaningful media that celebrates and centers the lifestyles and experiences of Black women. But we ain’t doing all this at the expense of our well-being. We will rest.

Homegirl is on social media hiatus and we didn’t send any newsletters in May. Why? Because putting out a print production takes a certain level of focus. We were closer to completing the first issue that we realized but we didn’t know that because we had so much other stuff going on.

But the keyword for Homegirl Magazine is meaningful. Meaningful being defined as an adjective having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose. While things with meaning require introspection and time, y’all will be the first to know when we’ve submitted the issue to print.

In the meantime, Homegirl Magazine needs immediate help with the following roles:

  • Copy Editor

  • Marketing Sales (advertising)

Send inquires: and be sure to include the role in the subject line.

Live at The Lot on Thursday, June 10: Blossom

By: Homegirl Magazine Staff

Are y’all outside? Homegirl Magazine is stepping out to see BLOSSOM, the Trinidadian Princess and esoteric R&B jazz singer-songwriter in Portland this Thursday at new outdoor venue, THE LOT AT ZIDELL YARDS.

Tickets available while supplies last.

In the event you’re not local to Portland, or are in need of a vibe check, check out Blossom’s latest music video - What They Say [Official Music Video].

Artists That Inspire: Idris Veitch

By: Homegirl Magazine Staff

There’s something alluring about people with the name “Idris”: Idris Elba, Damson Idris, and afro futurism artist, Idris Veitch.

Jamaican-born artist who works around digital collage Being half-Nigerian with very little familiarity and knowledge of that side of his family, he began an intentional line of inquiry into those neglected facets of his life during the research process for his graduation collection.

This curiosity sparked a methodology of cultural collaboration, allowing elements from both Japanese and African histories to coalesce in the final garments.

​Works featured in order of appearance ‘You Open the Door and I’m Running Through to You’, ‘Yemaja’, and ‘The Thinker 2021’.

This time in his life marked a turning point. Not only was he able to find a distinct voice and message, but he also discovered the process of collage as a form of self-expression.

A post shared by @idrisveitch
A post shared by @idrisveitch
A post shared by @idrisveitch

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